MODE is a cutting edge, data driven financial technology mobile phone platform focused on emerging markets. It was founded in 2010.

MODE has operations in 31 countries with a customer base of over 250 million.

The mobile phone is the most ubiquitous communication device in emerging markets. There are three billion unbanked mobile phone users – people with little or no access to traditional financial services.

MODE’s mission is to provide access to financial services (namely micro and nano loans) to all the unbanked by turning their sim cards into credit cards.

MODE’s foundation product is Airtime Credit Service (ACS) – a cashless micro loan. MODE is the global leader in ACS, with 35 live operations carried out in partnership with 10 telcos on 3 continents. MODE has executed billions of ACS transactions since its launch and is expanding.

MODE has recently started a mobile-based cash lending service, called Nano and is constantly expanding its products and services.

With its unparalleled user access, footprint, brand and consumer database, MODE is uniquely positioned to be a leader in bringing financial services to the unbanked. 

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